Considerations for hiring an EOL Doula

person's hand in shallow focus

It is a huge decision to hire an End of Life Doula. 

In this article, I hope to support you in having a productive discovery call with a prospective EOL Doula.  It is a serious decision to bring a new person into the very personal process of sorting out the care and planning of a patient’s end of life.

My goal here is to help you get all of your questions answered so you are confident about your hiring decision.

The following is a list of questions to ask yourself and your family.

  1. What is your biggest concern as the EOL patient?
  2. What is your biggest concern as the family and/or caregiver of an EOL patient?
  3. What do you need most help with day to day and also over time?
  4. Are there any gaps in practical care now?

I recommend you sit together with your family and allow these questions to be a jumping off point for discussion.  Are you most concerned about all the paperwork and organization of finances and belongings, or is it more about time together that you most long for….or both?

Answers to these questions will create clarity in your discovery call conversation and help your prospective EOL Doula put together the appropriate custom package for you.

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